While most of you know me as a paranormal romance writer, I do dabble in other genres too. Armstrong Academy that I cowrite with my daughter Bethany is scifi alien academy. Compounders is dystopian/post-apoc. And then there’s Stones of Amaria with my Fall of Darkness series that is epic fantasy. You can find this series in four novella length books or as one full series book. Today’s snippet is from my Fall of Darkness series. This passage come from book 1, Legends of Sorcery.

A rustle in the underbrush nearby startled them both. Much to Garron’s surprise, the dying unicorn moved to protect Arion, but he ran his hand gently across her soft coat and whispered soothing words to calm her.

Garron almost forgot about the noise as he stared in fascination.

The intruder stepped out from behind her cover.

Garron’s jaw dropped as he saw the princess and quickly dropped to his knees. “Your highness,” he said not daring to look upon her.

Arion reacted in a much different way seeing Princess Valaria for the first time. He rose, wincing from the pain in his knee, and scolded her.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“Excuse me?” the Princess asked. “I don’t see what business that is of yours.”

“Perhaps your father’s business then? I’m sure he’d be quite grateful to hear where his precious daughter is.”

Her eyes were wide in surprise and dancing with the fire of fury. “Do you dare threaten your Princess?”