Fierce Impact

“What the feck?” Patrick said. “I think we’re making it worse.”

“Look, if I’m forced to calm him, no wolf in this room will be happy about it, but you, you can calm him without me having to intercede. His wolf just needs to know you’re safe,” Kyle tried to reason with her.

She got off the bed with a huff and faced me. “Calm down before you get us both killed,” she whispered through gritted teeth. My eyes were wide, and my wolf surged to regain control once again.

“Bloody hell. Just hug him or something. He needs physical contact,” Patrick said.

Her hands lightly brushed my chest sending a shiver of awareness through me. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her and crushed her to my chest, and then I leaned down and kissed her, claiming my mate with my mouth.

She didn’t protest at first as she started to kiss me back, and then thought better of it and pushed me away.

I know New Year’s is still several months away, but somehow it always feels like a new year to me with the start of a new school year. It’s the time when my focus is high and new routines are started. I know they’ll fade as weeks and months go by, but they always start off strong. Here’s to another new year and establishing better habits. Hope you enjoyed this little snippet from Fierce Impace.