Today marks 3 years since the release of Fighting Destiny, so it only seems fitting to make it my Saturday Snippet today,

“Elise,” he groaned against my mouth, making my whole body shiver. “We need to . . .”

I silenced him, pushing him down onto a chair and straddling him. I wasn’t sure what was happening with me, but I knew what I needed and exactly what I wanted and I was going to get it.

Relief washed over me as I settled on top of him.

“Mine,” I growled, moving against him.

I didn’t hear the movement of the door until Patrick let out a warning growl of his own.

“What the . . . ” Kelsey cut him off.

“Out!” I yelled

“Ewww,” I heard Kelsey whine and laugh at the same time. “Kyle, stop, she’s not really had him around the pack before today. Let her, uh, mark her territory, and then we can talk,” I heard her say as she pushed my brother from the room.

I knew I should have been embarrassed. Patrick was frozen in place. I was pretty sure he was beyond horrified, but I needed release so badly I didn’t care.