This is it! Rising Storm releases in just 5 days! Here’s an excerpt for this week’s Saturday Snippet.

I was growing very attached to my mate and it still scared me some. I had enough work around the apartment to keep my day occupied even after he returned to work. I had never considered taking on a human-like job. The idea intrigued me more than I’d expected.

When we pulled up to the bar, Taylor was waiting out front.

“Ready?” she asked.

I looked at Painter and shook my head. “Where’s Grant?”

“He’s inside with the guys already.”

“Let me just get him settled.”

Taylor bit back a smile. I didn’t understand what she found humorous.

Grant was easy to spot at a large table in the center of the room surrounded by many of the guys I knew and some I didn’t.

I walked right up to him as Painter took a seat.

“No more than two beers. He still has to stay off his leg for long periods of time. I’ll be with Taylor, so if he has any trouble or his pain spikes, you call her and I’ll come get him. He doesn’t have to be elevated or iced anymore.”

“I got this, Emma. I’m the doctor, remember?”