Today is Bethany’s 17th birthday so it only seems fitting to drop an Armstrong Academy excerpt as she is the brains behind this series. So I give you this snippet from Book 1, Louis and the Secrets of the Ring. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Bethany!



“You know I got your back, right? No matter what happens or how crazy things get.”

“Yeah. I know,” I said, and I meant it. Theo was the one person through all of this that I knew I could absolutely trust. “I’m not ready for everyone to know about this. I’ve always just blended in.”

Theo snorted. “My dude, you have never just blended in anywhere. You were made to stand out.”

I didn’t respond. I think to an extent I always knew that too, but I didn’t love being the center of attention either, no matter what others thought.

“Do you really think some old piece of jewelry can help me control this stuff?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t even seen this mysterious ring yet.”

I gave him an evil smirk. “Get me a Coke and I’ll show it to you,” I commanded, laughing as I jumped up to walk back to my room and retrieve the ring.

When I walked back in, Theo was exactly where I left him and there was no Coke in sight. I frowned.

“What?” he asked.

“Where’s my Coke?”

“Do I look like your bitch?”

“But I told you to go get it?”


I was getting so frustrated with all this stuff. One minute I thought I understood what was happening, and the next, it doesn’t work at all when I actually try to use it.

Gil walked in just then. He looked back and forth between us, gave a head nod, put in his earbuds and flopped down onto his bed.

“Gil, could you get me a Coke?” I said.

“He cranks that music up so loud he wouldn’t hear a thing,” Theo assured me, but Gil jumped right up, walked out of the room without a word and returned a few minutes later with a can of cold Coke.

“Here you go, Louis,” he said.

Theo frowned. “No way. Hey, why’d you get him that?”

“Because he asked,” Gil said simply.

I opened the door and grabbed the first person that walked by. “Get me a cup of ice,” I said and the girl almost tripped over her own two feet as she ran to retrieve it. Less than a minute later she was back and trying to catch her breath.

“Here Louis,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said.

Theo laughed as I took the cup and closed the door.

“I don’t think that’s exactly how they meant for you to use those powers,” he said.

“Get up and let me have that seat,” I said.

He laughed in my face. “No, but good try.”

“Dang it. Why won’t it work on you?”

Theo frowned. “You’re right. Why doesn’t it work on me? What’s wrong with me?”

I laughed. “You’re the only one so far with a free pass from this thing. I’d say that’s a superpower all of its own.”