Most Saturday’s I try to participate in a Snippet Saturday post in one of my paranormal groups. It’s an awesome way to give you guys a glimpse into my books. I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing it more regularly and not just when I have a new release coming out. So I thought I’d start sharing them here too.

This week’s snippet is from my newly released Kyle and Kelsey short story Waiting for You that can be found exclusively for FREE in Fates Call.

Thank God it was finally Friday. I had just had a hell of a week and was grateful it wasn’t bleeding over into the weekend for once. At least I’d been too busy to obsess over Kelsey. She’d been working for me for a year now and every morning I would arrive at work and there she’d be waiting with a fresh cup of coffee fixed exactly how I liked it. I would smile and stare at her thinking, Today’s the day! Then, nothing would change, and I’d stomp off to my office and spend most of the morning stewing over it.

It had become my go-to routine. I knew without a doubt that Kelsey was meant to be mine. Each day that passed made it that much more difficult not to just walk up and kiss her or shake her and yell, “What are you doing to me?”