Wow, well, this year keeps knocking me down, but I’m pushing through. Summer has certain had it’s ups and downs.

First the good things:

1. His Fierce Mate released and you’re going to love Austin and Angel!

2. His True Mate released on audio.

3. A Collier First Christmas AND Christmas at Kaitlyn’s Place can now be found on paperback.

4. Despite all obstacles, I’ve managed to get in some pool and sun time.

5. We even made it to the beach for a few days for some much needed family camping fun and beach therapy.


And then there are the tough stuff. I don’t like to dwell on the negative, so I’ll just post the top three at the moment.

1. I continue to battle some health issues. It’s nothing life-threatening, but enough to wear to me down and slow me down.

2. Bethany was planning to attend college this year and play volleyball in Rome, Italy and due to an injury has to postpone this next big life adventure until January. You can imagine the disappointment we all feel for her.

3. My Facebook account has been hacked and despite efforts to retrieve it, they have locked the account and I’m having a difficult time getting them to unlock it.


So basically there has been a lot of good and even though I did a horrible job of promoting new releases this summer, I hope you check them out now if you haven’t already done so.

And as for FaceBook, I’m going to continue pressing on them in hopes of a full restore. For now, I do have a temp account I’m using, but it is cut off from my Author pages and I trying to resolve that. In the mean time, I may be a little slack on social media, but Julie Trettel’s Book Lovers group remains strong and in good hands.

With everything compounded at once this month, I’m likely battling a bit of depression and most definitely a short fuse, which is not at all like me, but I think it’s just giving Colin a bit more emotions. LOL

Speaking of Colin, Probable Fear as of right now, is on track for release. I’m cutting it close, and one more catastrope this month could actually cause me to delay, but I am trying to stay optimistic that it will release on time, as expected later this month.

Whew, it’s been a lot. And I could really use some positive light in my life, so comments below and let me know what GOOD thing is going on your life this summer.