The Diner 2 released October 29, 2021.
This set contains my book, Ravenden.
Ravenden is part of my Westin World.
All new town. All new shifters… and they’re all witches.

Lost in a strange new world, he’s her only hope to get back home.

Gia is stuck in the mundane rut of everyday life.
She longs for excitement and adventure.
That is until she finds herself lost inside The Diner.
Alone and scared, she meets David.
Broken beyond repair, an outcast of society, he knows better than to get involved,
But one look at the green eyed, messy, curled, redhead and he’s ready to break all his own rules of survival.
Gia’s not safe in The Diner where danger lurks around every corner.
He doesn’t understand why, but David would do anything to save her,
Even if it means sacrificing himself.

Check out this paranormal shifter Alice in Wonderland retelling today.
Gia and David’s story can be found exclusively in The Diner 2

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