It’s been a busy start to the new year and I’ve been neglecting the webpage. My sincerest apologies, though not for bad reasons. This year’s writing goal is 1 MILLION WORDS! That’s a lot of writing, and I’ve been busy doing just that.

Confusing Hearts, book 4 in Westin Pack is complete and currently in editing. It will release in March 2018. I should have further details very soon.

Sedition, book 3 in the Compounders series is nearing completion. I have a 2/28 deadline on it, so it will be heading to editing before you know it.

Can’t Be Love, book 5 in the Westin Pack is also underway. This is Lily’s story, the one everyone’s been waiting on. I’m not ready to commit to a release date, but I will say it is well ahead of schedule, largely thanks to my million word writing goal!

What then? With book 5, the Westin Pack is complete… for now. I’m not saying I won’t add to the series down the road, but the original scope is 5 books. From there we move to a 5 book series of Collier Pack, so don’t worry, there’s still many more wolf books to go and you’ll still see your favorite Westin Pack characters pop in from time to time as you fall in love with a whole new pack. Compounders will wrap up with book 4, Reformation, in 2019, but I’ll be introducing a character based spin off series of novellas starting this year. Each one focuses on one subsequent character from the books and how he/she survived during the collapse. I’m really excited to be writing these. I have a few new projects in the mix I’m not ready to share, but they’re gonna be awesome!

I’m still working on getting into a new groove of lot more writing, and trying to juggle all the other requirements of marketing, social media, blogging, publishing and the list goes on, not to mention a full-time job and 4 crazy kids. Just know, when I’m quiet…. it’s pretty much a guarantee it’s because I’m WRITING!

Also, don’t forget to check out the events page:  I’ve added a few more to my 2018 calendar and I’m super excited to meet some of you throughout the year, so if you’re nearby or planning to attend any of these, make sure you hit me up and say hello!