If you missed it yesterday, the Fated Mates boxset hit #111 on the USA Today Bestseller list!

Yesterday was a day of celebration. Today I need to thank each and everyone of you that stuck it out and supported the Fated Mates boxset project. THANK YOU!!! Without those of you who purchased copies and shared posts to spread the word, this would not have been possible.

Here’s the truth behind Fated Mates….
We were never supposed to be a list aiming set. I joined to see what it would be like to work with a group, and could I survive it, cause let’s face it I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf especially when it comes to my writing!

This was a budget set designed for recognition and growth. That means the buy-in for the set was only a fraction of the cost list aiming sets go for. (I’m cheap, this worked well for me) Why? Because we wouldn’t need the amount of marketing and additional costs it typically takes to hit the USA Bestseller list.

Day 1, our fabulous set leader and my good friend April Canavan announces…I know we don’t have the money and resources for USAT, BUT…. and every author in the set agreed and changed focus!

It was truly a grassroots movement. We fundraised for additional money for marketing, but more than that we dug deep and talked to people and reached out for help and support, we got creative and tried new ways to get sales, and we worked our butts off for 9 long months.

There was very little drama and lifelong friendships were forged. I can’t say enough positive things about these ladies and this experience.

When I first started out on this journey I had mixed feelings about it. There’s a lot of talk and sometimes negativity towards authors who join forces to obtain this title. And YES I WILL someday earn this title again on my own. But those who think it’s easy to earn USA Today Bestseller through a boxset, you are very very mistaken. I worked my behind off for this title, as did each and every one of us, cause with even one weak link we never would have pulled this off. The cards were stacked against us, but we rose up and overcame every single obstacle and we did it together!

I will proudly say I am a USA Today Bestselling Author!