Waiting it never fun, especially when it’s something you are super excited about!  And life doesn’t always go our way.  Obstacles arise every day.  Today is just that kind of day!  We were blessed to see the early release of the Kindle edition a week early, but today is December 3rd and the official release date for The Compounders: Book 1!  I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting to buy the paperback book today, and trust me, I’m anxious for you to buy it and read it and love it as much as I do too, but for the moment we’re on a slight delay as last minute obstacles are being tackled even as I write.

Digging deep for patience as I anxiously await word that we’re a go for full release, it is super exciting and a little nerve wracking, but I am so blessed to reach this big milestone and so excited to share Holly, Charlie, Cassie, Chris, Milo, Griffon, Jared, the Compounders, and all the residents of Wythel with you all very soon!