Westin Beginnings


BUT WAIT…. it’s not entirely a prank!


FACT: I DO plan to write this series. Westin Beginnings will be a thing.

FACT: The blurb is real and a working concept for Book 1.

FICTION: I will NOT be dropping my 2024 to suddenly fit it into my schedule. However, this was a bit of a test to judge excitement for a PNR Historical Romance in order to prioritize it as a 2025 or 2026 addition. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this.

FACT: the title is not finalized and I do take your suggestions seriously so go vote in the pole for title.

FICTION: Sir Chadwick was bullshit.

FACT: Charles Collier was not.

FICTION: restating… this book will not be added to my 2024 schedule!

FACT: I am a huge Bridgerton fan and love this genre.

FICTION: In the past I have stated that I would never write a historical romance. At the time I did mean it, but this story has been pressing in heavily for quite some time. So I guess that lie was probably more to myself. Lol

FACT: This will be a series not a standalone origins story. It will actually span from the start of Westin Pack to the start of San Marco including a journey to the New World and a westward movement to California where you already know the Pack makes a permanent settlement.

FICTION: I have to say it once more… this book will NOT release in 2024.

FICTION: I made up that cover. And while it is a vast improvement from my previous April Fools Day covers, it will have a “real” professional cover when released.

FACT: I have not settled on his true mate’s name, so I really would like suggestions on that one.

FICTION: I do not have a release date to share…yet! Check back end of the year for Reader Appreciation Day held exclusively in Julie Trettel’s Book Lovers for a more concrete plan.

FACT: Book Lovers has been around long enough that many know my love of pranks and April Fools Day! YES this was intended to mess with you, BUT also not entirely false this time.