Are you aware that Westin Pack books are all standalones? I know most of you have read them from the start, and as with any series, of course you’re going to get the most out of them that way, but if you’re new to Westin Pack, you can jump right in at any time!

That said…

Confusing Hearts – Chase’s story will release on April 12th!  It’s up for pre-order now:

I didn’t quite make my deadline, but close, especially given I’ll be out of town for Roanoke Author Invasion the weekend of the April 7th, and it’s spring break for my boy next week. I know, excuses, excuses, but I promise it’ll be here before you know it! For now, check out this gorgeous cover by Desiree DeOrto Designs!

One True Mate – Kyle & Kelsey’s story, the one that started it all is ON SALE NOW! Only 99 cents now through April 1st, and no, as much as I love a good April Fool’s prank, this is not one of those!

Fighting Destiny – Patrick & Elise’s story, comes to audiobooks April 17th (pretty positive on that date, but Tantor’s site is down for maintenance at the moment, so I will update later if that is wrong) So be on the look out for updates on that.

Forever Mine – Liam & Maddie’s story, is finally available on paperback! I know, took me long enough. If you’ve been holding out for a “real” copy of this book, wait no longer. You can purchase copies here:

And last, but certainly not least, Can’t Be Love – Lily Westin’s story is still in the writing stage, and coming along nicely. Before you even ask, it’s on target for a June 2018 release!

Compounders fans fear not, I’m working on edits for Sedition. Hoping to have an update on that one in the very near future.