When this site was setup I was originally asked if I would be interested in blogging.  “Sure!”  I said, and here we are.  Now I guess it’s time to decide what to blog about, cause, well, no one actually tells you that part!  I haven’t blogged in years, and then it was a personal blog about the craziness of my kids and family life, Trettel Pandemonium – it’s probably even still out there – that never had many followers and started falling to the wayside even before Katy was born.  Adding a 4th kid left little time for it, and although many of her antics are preserved on FB, it really isn’t the same and I’m sorry I didn’t keep it up.  Still, not exactly what most self-loving book nerds would probably like to hear about!  And really I don’t know what it is any of you want to hear from me about, so for now I’m going to do what I know…. blog, or rather journal through this experience.  It could change down the road and I’ll have some insider scoops and information on books here too.  If there is anything specific you’d like to know about me, my writing, my path to publishing, or Compounders specific, please leave a comment and just ask!  I’ll happily answer questions too!