I know original thoughts were that the next book in the Compounders series would be released late summer/early fall.  And as fall is quickly approaching I’ve been getting daily inquiries on “when when when!” I know you are all excited to see where Holly’s journey takes her next.  But be patient, it’ll be worth it, I promise!  I absolutely love Book 2!  And there will be further details coming out very soon.

Right now I am busy with final Book 2 stuff, that less fun little book details like back cover text, covers, dedication, and so on.  The necessary evil to get it publication ready, and my least favorite part.  LOL  I am also wrapping up writing on the next phase of the Compounders.  It’s a little detour book that I think you will all love.  I’m super excited about it, and especially excited that it’s nearing completion.  I’ve been doing a LOT of writing this week and it feels great.

Be on the lookout for more information in the very near future!