This year is flying by and throwing up more obstacles than I could have ever predicted! But I’m keeping my head above water and just breathing through it. Next week my son marries the love of his life and hopefully life will settle down just a bit after that.

I’ve stayed busy writing though! My announcements have been few and far between simply because I’ve been publishing so quickly this year.

I kicked off the year with a relaunch of the first 4 Compounders books (this is not part of my PNR world). If you’ve been with me from the very beginning, you’ll be thrilled to hear I’m wrapping up the final book in this series—FINALLY! Reformation will release May 26th.

So far this year I’ve released 3 books in Westin World already.

Did you catch them all?

Did you even realize?

I know I’ve done a horrible job promoting them this year. So here’s the rundown just in case you missed any….


This is the sequeal to Ravenden. Meet Gia’s oldest brother Elias in this forbidden romance featuring raven shifters. There’s appearances by Delta and Bravo teams too, a new Collector, a new villain witch, and so much more!

And FYI: Book 3 in the Ravenden series: Wild Fires releases next month!


Back to Six Pack Shifters where Emmett finally finds his mate… in probably the worst way possible! It’s a complete disaster for him and his poor cursed mate.


This reverse Beauty and the Beast retelling may have broken some of you. There is just SO MUCH crammed into this book. So many loose ends in the world all tied up in this one little book. And it’s Walker’s story at last!

I’ve definitely overcommitted myself this year, but it’s all going to be great. LOL I’ll be wrapping up Six Pack Shifters, Westin Force Delta, and Ravenden this year while kicking off Cowboys of Collier and ARC New Class. Lots of stories still to tell!