Where is the time going? I cannot believe I haven’t posted a blog this year. So hold on for all the catchup…

First, a very, very belated happy new year! haha 

I truly hope yours has not been as crazy as mine. Personally it’s been a bit of a nightmare since Thanksgiving for me. I tore my Achilles tendon and was laid up for weeks, then on crutches, moved to a boot, then a brace, and months of rehab. It’s still giving me a little bit of grief but so much better and stronger now. 

Then in February I battled severe anemia. I couldn’t get out of bed without getting dizzy. Occasionally I’d pass out. I have high blood pressure normally, but it was scary low and my body didn’t know how to handle that. At the same time I went into tachycardia which is an extremely high heart rate. I was always cold and my skin was so pale I looked like I was dead. It terrified a lot of people and overall it screwed me up pretty badly. So much so that I was forced to take about four weeks off of work to deal with it. 

 Time off work means I got behind on everything! LOL It’s a really good thing I thrive under pressure, because even I don’t know how I pulled off releasing Healing Fate and then Nothing to Chance back to back and ON TIME. It was truly a miracle.

In the midst of all of that, I did get down to Florida for a week on an unplanned road trip with my daughter thanks to the airline mess around Christmas/New Years. And then I flew out to Las Vegas to help her celebrate her 21st birthday there.  I’ve mostly kept up with the youngest two and their insane schedules of club travel volleyball (2 different teams) and Bethany’s last second decision to join the soccer team for our homeschool team. 

Whew, it’s been INSANE!

I’m happy to report I’m well on the mend all around, after basically two weeks locked in a room writing like a madwoman, I’m even caught up now and ready for a little normalcy… which, let’s be real, isn’t happening anytime soon. LOL I do have 2 kids graduating next month, a few weddings to attend, and a trip to Australia for BABE (Ballgowns and Books Event) in early June.

So if you’ve survived my recap of my life, let me tell you what else I’ve been doing, just in case you’ve missed it!

In January, I released HIGH RISK. This is book 1 in my new WESTIN FORCE DELTA SERIES. 

If you haven’t started this series yet, boy are you missing out. Michael and Callie were a lot of fun to write. We have a new baddie in the world, an attack on Westin Pack, and an insane mating period with these two characters. Each new series brings a different vibe to the world, and you can expect Delta to be similar to Westin Force, but perhaps a tad bit spicier. 

Click on the cover to GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Then in February I continued on with SIX PACK SHIFTERS adding Book 2: HIS CHOSEN MATE to the series.

If you’ve missed this series, in the Fall of 2022 I kicked off a spinoff of Collier Pack called Six Pack Shifters. There is a short Wyatt and Kate prequel called HIS DESTINED MATE. Then Book 1 was Clay and Winnie’s book called HIS TRUE MATE.

HIS CHOSEN MATE is James and Katherine’s story. If you’re all caught up on Collier Pack, then you may remember them from Peyton’s book, BROKEN CHAINS. And YES, she IS human. My first and possibly only (we’ll see) human-shifter book, and I just love how it came out, so be sure to check it out.

HIS FIERCE MATE will release in July and is already up for preorder.


Click on the cover to GRAB YOU COPY TODAY!

In March I did something I’ve never done before. I took Micah and Lucy’s story, HEALING FATE that released in the duet Shifters Marked and Claimed as a novella in February 2022. Shifters Marked and Claimed is no longer available for purchase, but you can now read the EXTENDED EDITION, FULL LENGTH NOVEL of HEALING FATE! 

Basically I left the novella intact, but continued their story to better completion. I’m really happy how it turned out, and I think you will too. 

So, even if you read HEALING FATE initially, you still won’t want to miss out on this NEW EXTENDED EDITION! 

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And most recently, last week I released NOTHING TO CHANCE, book 2 in WESTIN FORCE DELTA. 

Linc is our strong, silent member of Delta, and even though they were born and raised in the Pack, Westin Pack is the largest wolf shifter pack in the world. Linc thinks he knows everyone, but he hasn’t crossed paths with her… Christine! She has her own reasons for that. Learn all about it in NOTHING TO CHANCE! 

YES, this is Christine Canine from way back at the start of it all in One True Mate. Even if you thought you didn’t like her before, you’re going to want to read this and I’m willing to bet you’ll even be cheering her on to her own happily ever after… FINALLY! 

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Whew! I told you this year has been a whirlwind. LOL I do hope to get back to posting here more regularly. I may even start some writing tips again. I haven’t done that in a hot minute, but have been approached by several new authors asking questions lately that would be good to share with all, even readers may enjoy hearing about the behind the scenes stuff it takes to publish a book.

Looking back at this post, I’m actually kind of surprised and proud of how much I’ve accomplished these last 4 months despite all the health crap I’ve been dealing with. Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back for it. hahaha 

Be back soon….