I’ve had a lot of readers reaching out to me lately, a lot of authors, and a lot of aspiring writers. Westin Pack in particular is doing really really well, and with success comes lots of questions. How are you doing it? What’s your writing schedule? Do you have any tips or tricks to offer? Well, I don’t really have all the answers to everything, but for the remainder of the year I am going to post a Writing Tip every Friday. If you have specific things you’d like to hear about, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try my best to address it.

NaNoWriMo starts next week, if you love to write, I encourage you to check it out, and be sure to look me up!

Writing Tip #1 – Just Write!

It sounds like such a cliche, but honestly, sit your butt down and just write! Stop worrying about making it perfect.Don’t go back and try to fix things or change them. Just write! First drafts are never perfect, but if everything’s still in your head and not down on paper (document on the computer), then you have nothing to truly work with. Just write.. editing comes later!