Those new to the world of writing may not even know what this means… pantser or plotter? Heck, I had two books published before I understood it.

Pantser – someone who writes by the seat of their pants. It’s all in your head and you don’t take the time to outline.

Plotter – these are the outliners. The writers who plan everything out before they even begin to write.

So, which is better? Which ever one works for you! I’m serious. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either method, but understanding which you are helps a ton. Plotters will always tell you, “you must have a solid outline for effective writing.” Pantsers will swear, “Outlining stunts creativity. Listen to your characters and just write their story.” IF you sway towards a pantser, advice from a plotter may make you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. If you are a plotter, a pantser may make you feel like you are stunting the life of the story by holding to a script. Point is, neither are right and neither are wrong, but knowing which way YOU slant will help you ward off unnecessary confusion when seeking advice from others.

Curious which way I sway? I’m BOTH – and that’s okay too!!!  Compounders was 100% pantsed.It’s been a fun adventure following Holly and her family and friends around, knowing the ultimate end game, but not the detailed journey to get there. Westin Pack was 100% plotted. Why? Because this series was like binge watching Netflix for me. They came to me so quickly and so vividly that the first 6 books I sat down and plotted out fully just trying to keep up and remember as much as possible. Just about everything else I write is a hybrid of the two, usually a loose guideline jotted down when the storyline comes to me that I eventually go back and write.

What’s your preference? Are you a pantser or a plotter?