Again, these are not genius ideas, just reminders that we need to hear. Heck, I need to hear it… again and again.

We schedule meals. We schedule playdates. We schedule meetings. I don’t know about you, but my calendar is overflowing with all the things in life we schedule and plan for. If it’s important, you make time for it. If writing is important to you, schedule it!

I have a friend who says you need to set your hours and hold them sacred. YES! But…..

I’m not saying hold business hours from 9-5 for writing. In the case of my friend, she’s a full time author, so that really is exactly what she does. I’m not saying you have to get up at 4am to write before work or before the family, though I do have plenty of author friends who do just that. I don’t know about you, but my life is messy. Really messy. I try to set aside a minimum of 2 hours a day for writing – yes I typically write more than 2 hours a day, but I dedicate at least 2 hours to writing every day. You can only swing 30 minutes? Great, plan for that. It is impossible in my crazy schedule to set aside the same 2 hours every day, so it fluctuates for me. Seriously, I work 8 days a month pulling a midnight shift for work, so even the up at 4am scenario doesn’t work everyday for me! Tues/Thurs are Hope’s cheer practice days. It’s from 6-8:30pm, and it’s a 30 minute drive each way, so I’m sorta stuck there. Guess when my writing hours are for those days? Yup, I sit in the car or on the sidelines and I write. Why? Because it’s important to ME. Six days a month I have to be onsite for work. I get up early and write for an hour before heading into the office, and I spend my entire hour long lunch break writing. That’s my 2 hours for the day, because I know the rest of the hours on those days is work or family time.

Figure out how much time you want to invest in your writing, and schedule it into your day. Make it happen!