We’re rounding out NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – how’s everyone doing? With just six days remaining, if you haven’t discovered sprinting yet, this may be your favorite tip ever!

What is sprinting?

Sprinting in the context I’m talking is short bursts of writing. There are various ways to go about it, but they gist of it is to set a timer and write as fast and as much as you can in that window. It’s fun to sprint with others. When time’s up, everyone compares word counts and it can be quite motivational, but sprinting with others also helps keep you accountable, and receive encouragement from others. You don’t need anyone to sprint with to make it effective though. You can simply set a timer and race against the clock. Strive to beat your last word count each time.

What is the purpose of sprinting?

Sprinting is great for getting past hurdles. You’re writing quickly without time to stop and rethink or try to edit/fix things as you go. Increased word counts are great progress and motivational. Sprinting helps get a first draft completed faster. And last, the more you write, the more efficient and the better write you become.

Personally, sprinting works for me. Really works for me. I will sing its praise, but I also do recognize that it is not for everyone. Give it a try and see for yourself. FB has several sprint groups you can check into. Hit me up if you see me on FB. If I’m available, I’m always up for a sprint, or just set the timer on your phone and sprint by yourself.