It’s another NEW RELEASE!!!

If you’re keeping count this is my third release of 2022 (not counting the audiobook release of Collision Course)

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I set this schedule, but I did it! Almost… there’s still one more release coming this month under Jules Trettel. It will be book 13 of Armstrong Academy and bringing my total to 4 books in just over 4 weeks. Whew!

Time to slow things down a little.

First I need to share with you Shifter Marked and Claimed.

This is a two book paranormal set with the fabulous Melissa Haag. If you aren’t familiar with her, you’ll want to be after reading this!

Here’s a bit about the two books you can find exclusively in Shifter Marked and Claimed…

Healing Fate by Julie Trettel
Coming to Westin Pack was supposed to be a fresh start for Lucy. A single mother who spent years in captivity, she arrived with a lot of baggage, scars, and secrets. Finding her one true mate is the last thing she wanted. But meeting the sexy Dr. Micah might just be exactly what she needs to heal from the horrors of her past and move towards a future she never thought she could dream.

Royally Dragon Bound by Melissa Haag
For the last year and a half, Kelsey and her sister have been on the run from a fate worse than death.  Unfortunately, their hard-won safety in a town filled with mythical creatures shatters when the world starts shaking and their past catches up to them.  
In a desperate moment, Kelsey asks her angry and hot-as-sin neighbor for help.  If only she’d known he was a dragon, and dragons protect for life.  What the hell is she supposed to do with a surly dragon?

For my book, Healing Fate, this is Micah’s story. You might remember him from all the way back in One True Mate. He’s the Westin Pack doctor and he’s been around since the very beginning. It’s finally his turn to find his true mate. This is a Westin Pack bonus novella.

Back in October I held my annual Reader Appreciation Day in my Facebook Reader Group: Julie Trettel’s Book Lovers. At that time I took a poll asking members who they would most want a story for. They overwhelmingly chose Micah! So this book is for all of you!

As an added bonus, you also get Melissa Haag’s Royally Dragon Bound. It’s literally two books in one!

**this is NOT a Kindle Unlimited book.